There's no sector in which Car Park Management is more highly sensitive than in health care.  Every day you can be expected to come across car park users under high levels of emotional stress.  This is where the flexibility Local Car Park Management offers is paramount, allowing you to give a degree of individuality in your car park enforcement making allowances for the special needs of users and their loved one, while still protecting your facilities from abuse.

Another unique benefit to using LCPM is that we take into account the level of vehicle turnout, therefore leaving your facilities primed to cope with emergencies and other difficult situation in a way other car park management services just don't allow.

So as you can see we offer benefits that impersonal and aggressive methods of car park enforcement such as clamping simply do not via putting total control in your hands to treat the users of your car park as individuals, which is essential considering health care facilities are home to some of the more challenging moments in individual lives.  However the unique nature of this sector make maintaining an orderly car park free from obstruction and abuse all the more crucial.

Check out yourself and see how much easier our services could make things for you and your customers, patients and clients.

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